Oncolytic Immunotherapy:
An Emerging Class of Cancer Therapeutics

Therapies that harness the tumor-fighting power of the immune system are revolutionizing the way we manage and treat cancer. Over the past decade, oncolytic viruses (OVs) have emerged as a promising class of immunotherapy and with Imlygic’s FDA-approval in 2011, OVs are increasingly validated with significant potential as monotherapy and in combination with approved checkpoint inhibitors. OVs potency stems from a dual mechanism of action including tumor-selective replication and lysis, and induction of systemic anti-tumor immunity.

Modern approaches to oncolytic immunotherapy incorporate several genetic modifications or transgenes to enable and improve these mechanisms. At Western Oncolytics, we are designing a future generation of oncolytic viral immunotherapy. Our proprietary, multi-mechanistic combination of genetic modifications act synergistically to enhance systemic delivery, optimize tumor cell killing, and harness the full potential of the immune system.