Oncolytic Immunotherapy:
An Emerging Class of Cancer Therapeutics

Therapies that harness the tumor-fighting power of the immune system are revolutionizing the way we manage and treat cancer. Over the past decade, oncolytic viruses (OVs) have emerged as a promising class of immunotherapy and with Imlygic’s FDA-approval in 2011, OVs are increasingly validated with significant potential as monotherapy and in combination with approved checkpoint inhibitors. OVs potency stems from a dual mechanism of action including tumor-selective replication and lysis, and induction of systemic anti-tumor immunity.

Modern approaches to oncolytic immunotherapy incorporate several genetic modifications or transgenes to enable and improve these mechanisms. At Western Oncolytics, we are designing a future generation of oncolytic viral immunotherapy. Our proprietary, multi-mechanistic combination of genetic modifications act synergistically to enhance systemic delivery, optimize tumor cell killing, and harness the full potential of the immune system.

Our Next-Generation Approach

Our unique approach to developing next-generation oncolytic viral immunotherapies stems from:

A) using vaccinia virus as an ideal systemic delivery platform template

B) enhancing the vaccinia backbone with a proprietary combination of genetic modifications and insertions to achieve optimal oncolytic potential, including systemic delivery and spread within the tumor

C) adding therapeutic transgenes for synergistic, multi-mechanistic immunotherapeutic effects

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The Vaccinia-Enhanced Template (VET) Platform

Western Oncolytics has developed a potent underlying platform termed the Vaccinia-Enhanced Template, or VET. Through a proprietary combination of genetic modifications, Western’s VET backbone addresses multiple mechanisms to optimize therapeutic transgene delivery and expression. Preclinical studies with VET have demonstrated 10x increases in systemic delivery and over 100x increases oncolytic activity as well enhanced immunotherapeutic effects, compared to earlier generations of oncolytic vaccinia viruses.

The VET platform is designed for systemic intravenous delivery and serves as a best-in-class and versatile viral backbone on which tailored transgene programs are being developed.

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